J. Cole Drops ‘Might Delete Later’ & Fires Back at Kendrick Lamar

J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar

In the latest twist of the hip-hop narrative, J. Cole has launched a potent lyrical counterattack against Kendrick Lamar in his surprise new mixtape, Might Delete Later. The project, which dropped without prior announcement, features the explosive track “7 Minute Drill” where Cole doesn’t hold back, offering a direct response to Kendrick’s recent critiques per GiveMeRap.

A Clash of Titans

J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar, two titans of modern rap, have long been compared and contrasted by fans and critics alike. Both artists have enjoyed immense success, with their paths crossing and diverging over the years. However, the friendly competition appears to have escalated, with Cole’s latest release serving as a battleground.

7 Minute Drill: A Deep Dive

In “7 Minute Drill”, Cole dissects the evolution of Kendrick’s discography with precision, acknowledging his early work as classic while critiquing his later releases. Cole’s bars are sharp and unforgiving, highlighting his own rise to the forefront of the rap game. He references “Takeover”, an iconic JAY-Z diss track to emphasize his points, framing his and Kendrick’s rivalry as reminiscent of classic hip-hop feuds.

The Dreamville boss doesn’t shy away from the emotional complexity of the situation, likening their conflict to a tragic scene from New Jack City. Despite the competitive edge, Cole’s respect for Kendrick is evident, underlying the track with a sense of brotherhood turned rivalry.

The Broader Picture

This verbal joust doesn’t just highlight personal grievances between two rap heavyweights; it’s a moment that captures the competitive spirit inherent in hip-hop. The track “7 Minute Drill” stands as a testament to J. Cole’s readiness to defend his artistic integrity and legacy, all while setting the stage for his anticipated album The Fall Off.

Cole wraps up the fiery song with a broader warning, indicating his preparedness to release more groundbreaking work, proving this mixtape might just be a prelude to something even bigger.

Might Delete Later, with its standout track “7 Minute Drill,” underscores J. Cole’s prowess as a lyricist and his willingness to engage in the sport of rap battling. In an era where feuds often play out across social media platforms, Cole opts for a more traditional approach, letting his music speak volumes. This thrilling exchange between J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar adds a new chapter to hip-hop’s rich history of lyrical warfare, reminding fans of the genre’s roots in competition, creativity, and personal expression.