Jay-Z & Jack Dorsey Unite to Form Bitcoin Academy

Alt Text: Jay Z wearing sunglasses, a plaid scarf, and a black hoodie ready to perform on stage at the Hove Festival.
Photo by Kim Erlandsen, NRK P3

Jay-Z and Jack Dorsey have joined forces to bring knowledge, skills, and financial opportunities to underserved communities through their innovative Bitcoin academy in a public housing complex. The project is the result of an effort between the two industry giants’ respective charitable organizations, Shawn Carter Foundation and #StartSmall.

The initiative will take place in Detroit with the goal of providing low income families living in public housing with access to cryptocurrency education and training, as well as providing resources for entrepreneurs interested in launching business ventures related to Bitcoin or other blockchain-based technologies. According to reports from both organizations, the program will be open to everyone regardless of their background or current financial situation.

The academy is set up as a six-month program which aims at teaching fundamentals of crypto trading, educating students about the benefits of cryptocurrency investing, and cultivating an understanding of how blockchain technology works. Aside from that, it also encourages entrepreneurship by equipping participants with the tools needed to lead successful startups—including resources on venture capital fundraising and business model development.

In addition to technical and financial lessons, representatives from Shawn Carter Foundation stated that they are also introducing specialized curriculum tailored towards helping individuals strengthen core values such as integrity, honesty, resilience and team work. By providing aspirants with these tools for success early on—in combination with practical business knowledge—they hope that young people are better prepared for achieving their goals later down the line long after graduating from the program.

Moreover, this collaborative venture between Jay-Z’s foundation and #StartSmall has managed to secure over $2 million dollars worth of funds coming from a few noted celebrity contributors in order to make sure educational standards remain high while giving eligible applicants full scholarships to participate in the academy completely tuition-free.

Despite recent economic uncertainty, Jay-Z expressed his belief that such initiatives are more necessary now than ever before —especially when it comes to making sure individuals living in underserved communities have access to much needed education concerning vital aspects like finances and emerging technologies like cryptocurrency investing. He further stated that he hopes projects like this one serve as sources of inspiration while also inspiring future generations of innovators who can use digital systems for their own benefit and create equal opportunities across all socioeconomic classes.

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