iOS 16.1—Brilliant New iPhone Privacy Feature Arriving Any Minute Now

Apple iOS 16.1 Update

Apple’s iOS 16.1 update is coming any minute now. One of the coolest updates coming in iOS 16.1 is going to give you really granular control over your privacy. Forbes – Cybersecurity

Apple’s iOS updates are coming soon, along with some great new iPhone features. iOS 16.1 will bring you a lot of privacy control via a new menu to allow you copy and paste data from other apps.

The latest iOS update was born out of a bug in a previous software release that was part of a new privacy function. This feature is intended to limit access to your data and requires that apps have permission to access the iPhone clipboard to copy or paste text from other apps.

After some iPhone users complained about the prompt being displayed too often, Apple decided to correct the issue in iOS 16.0.2. The iPhone maker has since released iOS 16.0.3 and iOS 16.1 is expected to follow on Monday 24th October.

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