RSA Unveils Unique Solution For Mobile Device Security


Mobile devices are fairly ubiquitous and represent the “front line” in the cybersecurity battle. RSA introduced Mobile Lock to offer more effective mobile device security with less friction or impact on the user experience. Forbes – Cybersecurity

It’s fair to say security has always been a concern with mobile devices. As more people depend on mobile devices for remote work, both the security and risk presented by them are rapidly growing. Of course, this target-rich environment of unprotected endpoints appeals to attackers. Should this risk ever materialize, it can result in permanent loss of sensitive data that often triggers serious financial, legal and reputational harm. Mobile devices allow employees to request access to sensitive company data and connect to hundreds of application. RSA today announced a unique approach to the problem of mobile device security using Mobile Lock.

Developed in partnership with Zimperium, it’s a new feature that has been integrated into the RSA Authenticator Mobile application. This adds a layer of protection for authenticating users into a secure environment, which prevents the threats posed by mobile devices from spreading to other networks. A recent press release from RSA explains why mobile devices are so concerning for data security teams in today’s cybersecurity landscape. 

“Recent studies reveal that 82% of breaches involved human elements, and high-profile breaches have leveraged the perfect storm of remote work, inattentive users, and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies that connect personal devices to enterprise assets.”


According to Verizon’s latest Mobile Security Index , nearly half (45%) of surveyed data security professionals said that their company was subject to a mobile-related breach. This is twice the number of breaches reported in the previous year. According toZimperium’s 2022 Global Mobile Threat Report , zero-day attacks on mobile devices increased 466% in 2021. They account for one third of all in-the wild attacks on endpoints.

Every employee owned mobile devices, but particularly those that are not managed by the enterprise, pose a serious threat that companies must be aware of and willing to address with every aspect of their security strategy.

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